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National Jewish Health, Saturday

We get the weekend off from the hospital. It is nice to have a little break, but we are excited to start food challenges Monday.

Last night went pretty well, although we did forget to get head wrap supplies from the hospital. Luckily we had one wrap from home, plus a ski cap we could use to hold it on his head, so it worked out. He woke up once at midnight, and once a little later, but went back to sleep nicely both times. This morning Titus had some red blotches on his cheek and arms, so we were a little concerned. They seemed to fade a bit as the day went on. We are just paranoid he might go back to how he was. 🙁

Since Mariya can no longer eat beef, she has been eating lots of salmon and chicken as her main dishes. She’s really tired of salmon, and chicken gets old after having it three times a day as well. Because of that, I’ve been looking for a good source of pastured pork, which they can have. We also really needed some lard to cook with.

I spent maybe an hour or more last night and this morning scouring the internet for leads on pastured pork in this area. I finally found a local Westin A. Price foundation chapter and joined their email group. I sent an e-mail last night, and by today I had a few suggestions. One lady offered to give us some of her lard and we found an organic farm that would be in town for deliveries this afternoon. Perfect!

We did Titus bath first thing in the morning with no wet wraps. Then we had breakfast and played for a while. Then we all took a nap. After naps, we had a quick lunch and headed for the zoo. They let us in free when I told them Titus was a patient at National Jewish. The zoo was fun for all of us, and the weather was great.

I left everyone at the zoo for about an hour while I went and picked up the meat and lard. I also got myself a milkshake at Little Man Ice Cream since I was right there. 🙂 I was relying on my phone’s GPS for directions, and the battery almost died before I got back to the zoo. That was making me a little nervous, but I did make it.

After looking at more of the zoo, we headed home. Titus seems to think I should feed him fruit leather the whole time we are in the car…or at least until he falls asleep. This time he did fall asleep, and I sat in the car with him another 30 minutes when we got home so that he could finish his nap.

While we were at the zoo, our hosts cooked up a bunch more amazing Russian food. I warmed up some chicken, wild rice, and sweet potato with lard for Mariya and Titus.

Tomorrow we are planning to go to the Russian church. There is a translator so we will know what is happening. Thank you for your prayers and support.

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