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National Jewish Health Pediatric Eczema Program, Day 9

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is our last day here. It has been so nice working with many doctors and nurses who understand Titus’ condition and have so much experience with it. Today we said goodbye to Titus’ nurse Emily. She was his nurse everyday except one, and tomorrow is her day off. There is a certain amount of anxiousness as we prepare to leave the hospital. Worries that he might go back to being bad when we get home, worries that he might start reacting to the foods that have been challenged, worries that he might not do well as he weans off some of the medications, etc. Please pray that everything will go well, and that we will ask all the needed questions at our discharge meeting tomorrow.

Silly boy
Silly boy
Today we got Titus up at 6:45 am and did his normal bath at home, but with no wet wrap. We arrived at the hospital by 8:45 am. After Lauren took his vitals, we talked with Dr. Dutmer about the night. Last night was a bit harder for Titus, which is another mystery. It took him longer to fall asleep initially and then he woke up a few times during the night. The slight rash on his back was also still there this morning, so it makes us wonder if it could be a slight corn allergy. Dr. Dutmer suggested we continue with the food challenges and see if any of the others produce similar symptoms. It could just be a sensitivity to something else, or maybe just the fact that his schedule was all messed up yesterday without his normal naps.

The first food challenge today was butternut squash. At first we almost had to force it into his mouth, but then he started to like it. This seems to be a pattern for him. He passed this challenge with no problems.

Waiting for two hours after the final challenge
Waiting for two hours after the final challenge
After this, we ate lunch, lotioned Titus up, and dry wrapped him. This was an experiment to see if he would go to sleep better for his nap with a dry wrap. It worked! He was almost asleep by the time we got him wrapped. I guess he just likes his routines. We actually all took naps during this time. Too many long days!

Lauren woke us up saying Emily said we needed to get going on his second food challenge. 🙂 Titus got about one hour of sleep, so that was good.

The second food challenge today was tomato. He loved eating the pureed fresh tomatoes. After about the third serving, we saw some slight redness on his belly, but again, not enough to say it was a reaction. The fourth and fifth servings didn’t cause any more redness. So it appears he passed tomatoes, too!

By now it was 4:45 pm, so we had to sit and wait until 6:45 before leaving the hospital, just in case there was a delayed reaction. Everything went fine. We stopped by Walmart on the way home to pick up some gifts for our hostess and her family. They have been a true blessing to us.

One more day! Titus is going to miss all his new friends.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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