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National Jewish Heath – Day 5

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today I (Matthew) got up at 6:30 and snuck out of the room where I had been sleeping with Titus. Hoping he would not wake up, I headed for the store to pick up Valentine’s Day flowers and grape juice for Mariya. The flowers here have outrageous prices.

We didn’t have to be to the hospital until 8:30-9:00, so our morning was a little more relaxed. We were able to eat breakfast before we left.

After his first bath and wrap, Titus took a nap and then we did his final skin prick test. This one was for environmentals, and he only showed up allergic to Oregon ash tree, and a little bit to chicken feather and oatmeal (re-done from one of the food days).

Dr. Dutmer came in and talked with us more. He is very pleased with how Titus is doing, and is planning to start some food challenges on Monday to get more foods into Titus’ diet. He is having us step down on the wet wraps and baths this weekend, to see how Titus does. We’re only going to do morning and evening baths, and only wet wraps overnight. He says the goal is to get it down to one bath by the time we leave.

After that, we did Titus second bath and lotioned him up. No wet wrap until tonight. We left the hospital around 5:00 pm. Tomorrow we’re planning to go to the zoo, since it is free for hospital patients and their families.

Please praise God with us for how well things have gone so far. We are very thankful. Also please pray that the food challenges go well next week, and that Titus won’t react to any of the foods we try. Please also pray for our three-year-old Faith, who is missing us back home.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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