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National Jewish Health Eczema Program, Sunday

Last night went pretty well for Titus and I – he woke up about 3 times but went back to sleep pretty nicely. However, Charlie was tossing and turning and keeping Mariya up most of the night.

Mariya got up to get Titus’ morning bath started about 7:30 so we could go to church, but his skin was flared up quite a bit more than yesterday. Mariya called the hospital and talked to one of the nurses, and she suggested we bring him in so they could look at him. We took her advice, and went to the hospital. The doctor who was there took a look at him, and suggested we go back to giving him three baths and three wraps everyday, at least until tomorrow when our regular doctor could look at him again. She thinks we may have backed off on the baths a little too quickly. Also, the nurse assured us that small flares like this are not uncommon.

Please pray that he clears up nicely so we can start food challenges tomorrow. Mariya would really like to eat a few more foods, and I’m sure Titus would, too!

After the hospital, we went to Costco to get some more food. Linda even found some apple chips that Mariya and Titus could eat! When we got home, we ate some lunch, did Titus mid-day bath, lotioned him up, wrapped him, and put him down for a nap. He was really tired and slept for two hours. It was really nice outside, so Mariya and I went on a short walk in the sunshine.

Titus can walk really well now, and he has been talking more and more since we’ve been here. He has his own version of the word “banana” and he calls apples “balls.” It’s pretty cute.

This evening we had fun playing around with Google Hangouts and talking with mom and dad in Washington. Later on we had a nice dinner of Russian food. Titus final bath, wraps, and bedtime followed. Now it is quiet as most people are in bed as I write this.

We have to get up early to do Titus’ bath before we leave in the morning. We’re really hoping to start food challenges early tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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