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Headed to National Jewish Health!

We are excited to see Titus’ fundraiser reach $10,000 today, half of the $20,000 goal! Thank you all for your generous donations, prayers, and support as we seek to help Titus get some relief from his severe eczema. We are very grateful. Special thanks to Colleen of The Family Pants blog for sharing Titus’ story and fundraiser.

Also, if you have been following the fundraiser page, you know we are headed to National Jewish Health next week! They agreed to schedule us with a $7,500 down payment and will bill the rest afterwards. We are very excited and hopeful that the doctors there will be able to help Titus. We will be blogging about the trip here at, so please follow the blog if you are interested. We were able to get a really good deal on plane tickets and some good friends of Mariya’s parents are providing a place for us to stay.

Titus' Itchy Skin Today
Titus’ Itchy Skin Today

We are anxious to get Titus to Denver as he has been pretty bad lately. He has red, itchy eczema over more than half of his body right now. He is very itchy and has to be watched constantly so he doesn’t itch until he bleeds.

We have been trying wet wrapping, which is part of what National Jewish does to help these kids. It has helped Titus sleep much better, but we can’t tell that it is helping his skin to heal. It does moisturize the skin, so I’m sure it is helping to some extent. At the hospital, I’m sure they will have more success as they teach us how to wet wrap and care for Titus.

Through it all, Titus continues to keep our spirits up with his smile and by learning new things. This week he learned to walk and say a few words! We are very thankful for these little bits of encouragement.

Please continue to pray for us and for Titus. More updates coming soon.

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