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Flying out Tomorrow

Less than one week ago we posted that we were excited to see Titus’ fundraiser reach 50% of the target $20,000. Today it has reached $16,000! Thank you all so much for your support and prayers. We are very thankful for the opportunity to take Titus to the eczema program at National Jewish Health in Denver.

Titus in the Snow
Titus in the Snow

We fly out tomorrow. Please pray for us as we travel with two babies. We are grateful to have Matthew’s sister, Linda, going with us to help with baby Charlie when we’re busy with Titus. Charlie, seven weeks old, has an ear infection right now which could make travel less enjoyable. Also, we have had a major snow/ice storm in our area recently, which will make it harder to get to the airport. There is also the possibility of delayed or canceled flights. Please pray everything goes smoothly, the babies do well, and that God uses the doctors to help Titus get much better!

Titus is doing about the same. The wet wraps continue to help him sleep a little better than before, but he still wakes up multiple times a night. Still itchy, raw, and red.

We will try to keep this blog updated regularly while we’re in Denver. Please subscribe if you’re interested.

Below are a few recent pictures:

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