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A week before James and Christina and their girls left for Papua New Guinea (PNG) they moved in with us to get the last of their packing done. They had to pack for three different places and also decide what they were leaving in storage. Thanks to Dad for building a great storage unit! ūüėÄ I am totally amazed at their steadfastness. It takes a lot of thought in preparing for a life in a third-world country and planning the next three or four years of it and doing it all with two children under two years old. ¬†It’s a BIG move!!! God blessed them with lots of wisdom and determination. It was awesome to witness their hard work and ¬†faith in God that He has everything planned out!

Our daughter really enjoyed getting to spend time with her cousins. It’s weird to think that the next time we’ll see those little girls, they’ll be three/four years older. WOW! We all miss their whole family and look forward to when we meet again!

Most of the packing was done out in our front yard on a huge tarp, with bins lined along the edges and a big pile of “things” in the middle. The big pile of “things” was then¬†dispersed to smaller piles by each bin¬†by¬†category. Next, we needed to pack the small piles into the bins and not leave any free space. Everything had to be packed super tight!¬†This process took the majority of the week.¬†All of these bins would be shipped in a crate to PNG after James and Christina left. There was also a smaller tarp with some bins that would go with James and Christina to POC, where they would receive the training they need.

Here’s a video of their last week in the States as well as some pictures of their life in PNG.

Enjoy! ūüėÄ

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